Playground: Introducing short generative AI stories.

I’m trying something new, just for a little bit of fun, by generating short fiction stories… using generative AI.

Not going to lie, but I am so excited about this technology that I have so many ideas and use cases. This was not one of them…

I’ve written a short story before, and thought I’ll let generative AI take the helm at either expanding it, or writing some other short fun stories.

It’s far from perfect… probably writes better than me though. However, I’d like to learn more about it.

To set things up, I’m using a prompt to basically tell the system how to behave and write. Which I’ll continue to optimise. On top of that, I can tell it to expand on some sections of the story, where I think it might be lacking, or rewrite it again.

With this blog I’d like to see where it goes. I’ll also try and categorise each story, or shorts, so that I can write more than one story and keep it all organised, or even just make smaller one off stories. Just to keep me learning.

For info, I am using the OpenAPI Playground and sometimes ChatGPT.

Anyway, just a little bit of fun.

I’ll try and be descriptive of the input story prompts I gave the model at the end of each story.

a.i shorts @aishorts